Shrieve’s ZEROL PE-X range are a novel range of polyether type synthetic lubricants, designed and developed specifically for use in the next generation of stationary HVACR systems utilizing HFOs and other environmentally acceptable refrigerants. 

Lubricant chemistries used today with HFC refrigerants like R-134a can have deficiencies when used with next-generation HFO and HFO blended refrigerants. This can lead to multiple lubricants needed to be used for different refrigerants. Shrieve has developed alternate lubricant chemistry ZEROL PE-X that allows for one lubricant option to be used over a range of refrigerants.

ZEROL PE-X range of lubricants:

  • are specifically designed to meet the challenges associated with next-generation refrigerants regarding miscibility, solubility, and working viscosity.
  • have been formulated to provide stability when used with HFO based refrigerants, which can be less stable than HFC refrigerants they are replacing.
  • have acceptable stability and material compatibility when used at current HFC operating baseline parameters and with current materials of constructionand have found to also work well with some of the existing HFC refrigerants. 

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