Shrieve is at the forefront of lubrication technology formulating synthetic ZEROL® AB alkyl benzene based lubricant solutions for the latest generation hydrocarbon and ammonia refrigerants.

Alkylbenzene Oil

Our foundation within specialty lubricants was established with the supply and marketing of ZEROL AB lubricants formulated for stationary refrigeration systems using traditional CFC (e.g. R12) and HCFC (e.g. R22) refrigerants.

Refrigerants such as CFC (eg. R12) and HCFC (eg. R22) have been employed for many years in the stationary segment as preferred refrigerants, prior to the widespread adoption of HFC types. Zerol Alkylbenzene products are a very widely approved and utilised R22 refrigerant oil with many global OEM approvals.

Refrigerant Oil for R22

R22 refrigerant has been used globally across a wide range of stationary refrigeration and air-conditioning applications, not limited to domestic refrigeration and air conditioning but also across a very wide industrial applications where large-scale refrigeration/air conditioning is required. Wherever R22 is utilised, regardless of the specific industry, alkylbenzene may be efficiently utilised as the R22 compressor oil.

Their very low pour point, anti-foaming properties, and good stability at high temperatures provide optimum lubrication even under the most severe conditions. 

In comparison with alternate lubricant technologies which may be employed with R22 refrigerant, such as mineral oils, alkylbenzene compressor oil offers preferential technical properties due to the synthetic nature of the product. Zerol AB offer good thermal stability with no tendency to produce waxes, varnishes, gums or residues, due to their synthetic composition. Additionally, they provide low pourpoints which provides handling benefits on low temperature regions compared to alternative R22 compressor oil options, and exhibit low foaming in the application when compared with other lubricant options for R22 compressors.

Alkylbenzene Oil Compatibility Customisation

Shrieve also runs development programs with OEMs to formulate lubricant solutions for specific compressor and system designs. Please contact us for further information.

Whilst Zerol AB compressor oils have been historically used throughout the world for the “older” R22 HCFC systems, alkylbenzene continues to be considered as an affordable technology for utilisation with newer more environmentally friendly refrigerants such as hydrocarbon gases R290 and R600a. Shrieve is proactively engaged in development programs with leading compressor OEMs to develop new variations on traditional alkylbenzene products which meet the technical requirements of a range of the newer refrigeration systems under development.


The ZEROL AB range is typically available in the following viscosity grades, with regional variations:

Viscosity Grade (VG): 32; 40; 46; 55; 68; 74; 100

Please check with your regional Shrieve office for availability and/or recommended grades. The instructions from the compressor manufacturer must always be followed.

ZEROL® 350

ZEROL 350 is used in systems employing R717 (ammonia) as a refrigerant and has been extensively OEM approved in this application. Compared to traditional mineral oil based technology, ZEROL ABs often demonstrate higher thermal stability and lower volatility, extending lubricant lifetime and reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Instructions from the compressor manufacturer must always be followed.

These natural refrigerants, which include R290 (propane), R600 (n-butane), and R600a (iso-butane) require lubricants formulated to ensure maximum hydrodynamic and boundary lubrication within the exacting tolerances of HC compressor design. Shrieve has developed specific lubricant technologies, including very low viscosity ZEROL AB options for R600a to meet these specific demands, as well as providing excellent system component compatibility.


A premium alkyl benzene based low viscosity (VG 5) refrigeration compressor lubricant developed for R600a refrigerant systems. ZEROL RL 5S has excellent miscibility with R600a and other HC refrigerants, together with good stability, anti-foaming properties and excellent lubrication performance under severe operating conditions.


A low viscosity mineral based lubricant formulated specifically to provide optimised energy efficiency whilst ensuring maximum product lifetime for R600a refrigeration systems.

Instructions from the compressor manufacturer must always be followed.

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