PROGILINE® FA enhanced gasoline & diesel performance fuel additives offer exceptional fuel system protection for vehicles.

Today’s vehicles require modern fuels and lubricants to ensure peak performance. The demand to reduce the impact on the environment has altered engine designs. They have become more complex, smaller, more powerful and more efficient. As design tolerances have reduced, the stresses and strains placed upon engine hardware have increased.

With advancing engine technology, lubricants have also adapted but base fuels have remained relatively static. A deposit build-up in the fuel system and combustion process can cause a loss of power, a reduction in fuel economy and an increase in emissions.

Standard or base gasoline and diesel fuels, whilst conforming to regulations, may not have been treated with a fuel additive package designed to maintain or restore engine performance. These ‘packages’ have been developed by scientists and they can address a number of issues that base fuels do not.

Shrieve's range of PROGILINE FA Fuel Additives are currently available in Europe, Middle-East & Africa. Please contact us for further information.